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a superswanky linden

hi everyone! i’m blogging a make today that i am in loooooove with. it’s another linden sweatshirt, but this time in a gorgeous atelier brunette dazzle night sweatshirt jersey from Cotton Reel Studio.  laura got in touch with me when the shop first opened and asked if i would like some – how could i say no?!  unfortuantly the fabric i had is sold out now, but they have so many

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grainline linden sweatshirt

hi everyone! two blog posts within a week is super unusual for me but i just couldn’t wait to share this with you! i think everyone has made one of these now, it’s the grainline linden sweatshirt. i made this sweatshirt out of 1 metre (!!!!!) of fabric that was 60inches wide. it’s a loop back sweatshirt fabric and it came from leicester market when i went last year with

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triple hemlock

hi everyone! i’ve been making but not blogging.  boo!  today i have a day off work, and i actually decided to take pictures, yay! i’ve made three hemlock tees (i just typed grainlock initially, haha) in the last couple of weeks.  it’s a free pattern that you get when you sign up to the grainline studio newsletter.  it’s a one size only pattern, which is meant to be oversized.  for

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cat lady scout tee

hey sewing pals! i am so in love with this make that i don’t feel i can express it in any sort of literate way, so i’m just going to say this: CAT LADY TSHIRT. i do have more to say than that, but that’s my main point. the pattern is the grainline scout tee.  it’s a tshirt for wovens, unusual in that it’s got no darts.  i’ve made a

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grainline lark tee

hey everyone! i’ve got something basic to show you today, my grainline lark tee (of which i should have ironed, the shoulders are not crinkley-sewn in!). i got the fabric from guthrie and ghani just after christmas.  it’s a nice medium weight tshirt jersey with little gold dots on.  i think it was in the sale too, hehe. the construction of the t-shirt is as simple as any t-shirt is, and i

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three grainline scout tees

hi everyone!    i’ve had a week of annual leave and this is the first bit of sewing i’ve had the chance to do so i thought i better make it a full day!   today i’ve made three grainline scout tees.  i made them all in a size 10 this time, with the length of the 18.     number oneeee     this one is a waffle-type fabric

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maritime shorts – versions 2 and 3

hi everyone!  so it appears i haven’t posted anything in a little while, completely unintentional!   anyway, i’ve made a couple of pairs of shorts!       they’re grainline maritime shorts again.    i’ve enjoyed making them actually!  this was more sewing out of necessity because of there being NO summer clothes in shops and i need things for florida!  i cut the fabric out for them both on

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