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denim laurel

hi everyone!   i’ve got my birthday dress to show you today, a denim laurel dress.         there’s so much RTW stuff like this around now.  the goal of my sewing is never to look handmade, so i like to reproduce stuff i like that you could buy on the high street, which is what i was aiming for with this dress.   i wanted something new

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colette laurel

  hi everyone!   well this has been a kind of unplanned absence from the blog.    In the time since I blogged last, I’ve been to orlando!  It was so magical.  I wore lots of me-made clothes and I’m glad I made so much!  Moneta dresses saved my holiday (chubby legs and the hems of my shorts = excessive leg rub.  Dubbed “chub rub”.  not comfortable!) and my alder

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