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a superswanky linden

hi everyone! i’m blogging a make today that i am in loooooove with. it’s another linden sweatshirt, but this time in a gorgeous atelier brunette dazzle night sweatshirt jersey from Cotton Reel Studio.  laura got in touch with me when the shop first opened and asked if i would like some – how could i say no?!  unfortuantly the fabric i had is sold out now, but they have so many

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grainline linden sweatshirt

hi everyone! two blog posts within a week is super unusual for me but i just couldn’t wait to share this with you! i think everyone has made one of these now, it’s the grainline linden sweatshirt. i made this sweatshirt out of 1 metre (!!!!!) of fabric that was 60inches wide. it’s a loop back sweatshirt fabric and it came from leicester market when i went last year with

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