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a marianne and two monetas

hiii everyone.   well, my week off work is finished, and so ends my dedicated week of making.    if you follow me on instagram (my username is rach_wain, here’s a link, follow me if you would like to!) you might have seen my post about trying to make one thing a day while i’ve been off… well.  i can’t stay that i stuck to it!  i made four things, which

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reglisse dress and a walking foot

well this dress has been a couple of weeks in the making…     i planned to finish it across a saturday and sunday, but then i got shall we say, rather inebriated two weekends in a row and just didn’t have any sewing energy left in me on the sundays!       i bought the fabric for this while i was in london a couple of weeks ago.

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I had a bit of a rubbish night last night in terms of making things! I’m knitting the robin jumper after seeing it on foursquarewalls. I love the style, it’s just like a ready to wear one I was going to buy last year (but didn’t, it was around £45, too much for knitwear!). I’d knitted the neckline, and done the first stripe, then realised I had gone wrong. the

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