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archer appreciation (but in may, not december)

i’m late to all the sewing parties because i haven’t been doing this whole making my own clothes thing long.  i’ve been mooching through blogs and seeing all the amazing archer shirts that were made during the sew along, i felt very left out and decided to make one immediately!   i downloaded and printed my pattern from Grainline Studios, and set about finding fabric to make it with.  

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pre-archer post

I’ve finished sewing my archer shirt! I’m so excited! just waiting for my press stud/popper pliars to arrive so I can put my purly poppers on, then it will be completed properly. until then, here is an “in progress” picture. I was attaching a sleeve here!


I had a bit of a rubbish night last night in terms of making things! I’m knitting the robin jumper after seeing it on foursquarewalls. I love the style, it’s just like a ready to wear one I was going to buy last year (but didn’t, it was around £45, too much for knitwear!). I’d knitted the neckline, and done the first stripe, then realised I had gone wrong. the

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