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kielo wrap dress

hey sewing fans, it’s been a while!

i’ve been sewing lots, just not blogging lots.  i was sitting on an interview panel at work so frantically made myself some new clothes to wear, so i’ll be putting those on there in a different post.

today i’m showing you my first version of the kielo wrap dress.  the fabric i’ve used was a cotton jersey that i bought from ebay.  i got 3 metres for £14.  there’s loads of pretty good quality solid coloured jersey on there, so i figured i could use it for a hopefully wearable toile.

i’ve seen this dress on so many different people of so many different body shapes and i honestly think it looks flattering on everyone.  seeing as i’ve never used a named pattern before, i did some reading on other blogs before i decided to make this dress.  it’s my favourite thing to do when i’m getting excited about sewing something and i usually pick some good tips up along the way!  in my reading and lurking, i decided that i liked the dress as a shorter/midi length, so when i cut out my fabric, i folded my pattern pieces up to where the vent starts.   as it is, i still ended up cutting 3 more inches off the bottom of the dress, haha.

it’s drafted for someone that is 5’8″ tall – i am 5’4″ so knew it would be too long anyway.  now i’ve finished the dress, i realise that there’s some more adjustments i could make.

i think that i’d like the ties/wings/whoknowswhattocallthosethings to be higher up, maybe two inches higher so they’re more on my waist.  the actual ties themselves are WAY TOO LONG.  like crazy long.

from the looks of things i also need to do a sway back adjustment.  i’ve never done one of those so i’ll have to do some research on how to do one properly.  not sure how i’ll do that with the darts there, but i’m sure i’ll figure it out.

i think i’ve got the ties pulled too tight which is why it’s a little clingier that i would like across the bottom of my back/muffin top haha.  i think if the ties were in the right position, then i wouldn’t have it so tight to keep it in place, it would be there on it’s own.

sewing it was relatively easy, i found the back darts to be a little tricky to sew in the jersey.  i wasn’t really sure what kind of stitch to go for, so i just used a tiny zig zag stitch to keep the stretch just in case i needed it.   i used a twin needle to secure my binding in place and to hem it as well.

i don’t know how other people feel who have made this, but it kind of makes me feel like a sting ray when it’s undone, haha.

although there’s a few things i would change for next time, i actually really like this dress; it’s a step away from my usual style but i feel really comfortable in it!

i’ve got some stripe fabric from girl charlee to try it with next, so hopefully i will sew another one before the sunshine has gone away.

happy sewing!



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  • I just had to make a sway back adjustment on a dress for my daughter, with similar back darts. I would suggest you trace the back dart, cut out a wedge of the pattern from the side seam to the centre back seam, add the cut out wedge to the centre back hem line (gives an angled back seam which you could curve just a tiny, tiny bit, instead of a straight back seam), then lay the back dart over the top half of the original, which will give you the new placement for the lower half. Seemed to work ok on her Tilly and the Buttons Francoise Dress

  • Looks really fab, Love the style and it’s one on my to sew list. You may find you don’t need a SBA to just a smal one if you move the ties. Look forward to seeing your next version

    • thank you, i’ll definitely try moving them, although i think it will almost involve re-drafting the bodice if the ties need moving up?! might be a trial and error thing!

  • I think on the Named website they have it styled with the ties wrapped fully around the body once which explains why they are so long. That might pull in the back a bit more for you too? Love it in that color!

  • super duper beautiful. It really matches your hairstyle.I would love to sew one for myself, however i am not sure if it will good on me as i am petite. Thanks much for sharing this design..


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